The Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden, Also known as the Botanical Garden.  The botanical garden of Kolkata were founded by Robert Kyd in 1786.The best- known landmark of the garden is The Great Banyan Tree, an immense (large) banyan tree that is consider to be the largest tree in the world. A Banyan tree in the garden of more than 330 meters in circumference. It is one the most beautiful places to see in Kolkata.

Location   : Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal

Timings    : 10 am to 7 pm

Entry Fee  : INR 10 for Indians, and INR 100 for foreigners

History of Botanical Garden,

There are approximately 1800 botanical gardens and arboreta’s in around 150 countries (almost temperate regions), around 550 of which are in Europe (150 of which are in Russia), 200 in North America, and a growing number in East Asia is. These gardens attract nearly 150 million visitors a year, so it is hardly surprising that many people have got their first exciting introduction to the plant garden in the wonders of the plant.
Historically, the botanical garden exchanged plants through the publication of seed lists (they were called Latin: Indus Semina in the 18th century). It was a means of transferring plants and information between the botanical garden. This system continues to this day, however, in recent days more attention has been given on the transmission of genetic piracy and aggressive species.


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