Dakshineshwar Kali Temple is a Hindu temple located in Dakshineshwar near Kolkata.It is one of the great temples of Kolkata,which has a lot of religious importance for the locals as well as aesthetic value for the tourists.Dakshineswar Temple is one of the most revered, holy temples in Kolkata, which is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Dakshineswar Temple is one of the largest temples near Kolkata and it is also an architectural treasure. The temple was built in conventional Nava-ratna style. The temple is located on the banks of river Ganga and has quite a breath-taking view all around. 

Timing    :  The time of opening of the temple is from 5.30 am to 10.30 pm. Evening from 4.30 to 7.30.

Location :  Near Hooghly River Bank, Alambazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700035, India.

Entry       :  Free

History of Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Dnyaneshwar Kali Temple was founded by Rani Rashmoni in the mid-19th century. In the early 1800s, there was a small village on the east bank of the Dangeshwar Ganga river. In the January 1845 issue of Calcutta Review, J. F. Mashhman describes in the picturesque details, “Noteworthly, mainly for the seat of the country, the Dukhinsore village has been mapped to the map of celebrity garden, but which has changed many times during the last 30 years..